Saturday, March 10, 2012

a love nest

i am love

still working on this thought...actually many thoughts ride through my mind like horses staying ahead of a desert storm...they started running earlier this evening and are still blurring by so much to understand from today...but it will all be there tomorrow...i guess i am alittle tired of all the thinking really...i am looking forward to my dreamland tonight...i go to a safe nest....sit alone but am comforted by the stars in this big endless sky by the water...i live in a tree a wee tree house...i feed squirrels and birds right out of my window...i have the owls in for tea sometimes...i have tried unsuccessfully to catch moonbeams in a jar...but i did catch a falling star and helped it climb back up into the sky...there is music there...the reeds on the lake are played like flutes as the wind sweeps across is beautiful...swans glide across the lake and mate on the other side...a small dog plays on the path through the woods...chasing leaves and the random chipmunk...

tonight i will be there and it makes me very happy...sometimes i wish i could always be there...never to return to this world but be in one that has become more like home than anywhere i have known in many years...tonight i will stretch out in softness and listen for the trees to begin to tell their stories to the moon...they always start these stories with "i will tell you a story told to me at least a hundred years ago"...and i smile as i listen...until my eyes shut and sleep finds me...

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