Wednesday, March 7, 2012


9 is the number of days i gave myself to measure off and check in with this new energy shift i have been working on within myself...i have had some success and some today after a busy day and evening i am giving myself a mini retreat to reflect and examine fully these 9 days and how i can better serve myself and the world in tweaking even more of my behaviors and realigning my thoughts to match my actions...i still feel a lightness and a sense of calm and peace...i know i still need to deal with an issue with my heart/throat energy which keeps trying to pull me into a negative place...but wow to be aware of it all and watch it try to twist me away from my true self is simply a fascinating experience...

focus for my day is the hanged man dangling from a tree by his foot...looking at things from a suspended place and from a different angle has been helpful for many days...from high above the stars to within the splitting cells of a seedling...from the moccasins of another to the eyes of a younger looking from different perspectives...and now from this 9th day...unique to itself...never to be repeated...i see fully from this day...


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