Saturday, March 3, 2012


(and i rarely use that language so you know i am excited)

THE PAST IS THE PAST! i just understood this...well grasped the my brain has never felt better...i dont have to keep looping and looping and looping over events in the past...or try to understand them or make peace with them or relive them in 3D technicolor...the what happens when you let your Soul lead the dance...i just had to may be a no brainer to some but my brain is undergoing rewiring and so what hasnt made sense before is becoming clearer...i keep using a visual healing symbol i was given recently and it seems to be the tool i needed to rewire my brain...all just too is all making sense now...NOW...what a thing to know...even if everything does happen all at once as quantum physics leads me to believe i can still be a linear being...i deserve a cookie!...actually one for each hand!!!

happy day

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