Saturday, March 17, 2012

i laughed like buddha today..

you ever laugh so hard and with such joy you feel like you are simply free...all the way free of sorrow and burdens and exactly in the now?...well i did this is a long story...a 4 hour story of being lost and in the most silly wonderful way and yet i will not tell you the story other than to say the directions were for lincoln mass. and not lincoln ri...and the wild goose chase to find this mythical palace called twin rivers (gambling casino/holistic event)...but being lost and seeing the adventure of it was priceless...i had great company and a wonderful conversation...found a rest area in the nick of time...and eventually found the place that was originally about 20 minutes away!...seriously...and i still chuckle over being so lost...see it is all in the attitude and seeing the gift in "taking a wrong turn at albuquerque" as bugs bunny would can simply ride it out or you can fume and fuss...i rode it out happily...or since i was driving i just kept driving until it all was figured out...i have to say i loved it...and really if you get down to it we werent lost...we knew at every mile where we were...we just didnt know how to get to where we were going...if that makes does to me...and so i begin giggling again...laughing like buddha...freely and with great joy...what a great day...

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