Thursday, March 8, 2012

full moon last night

i heard your name in the middle of the night...the moon whispered it down to me...i felt your beating heart as i placed my hand on my chest...there is a wall in your heart...there is a wall in mine too...but i am removing the bricks in mine and laughing as i toss them into the ocean of my soul...i know your spirit runs to spirit runs to walls stand in our way with spirit...we get through to the other side...light shining there brighter than all the stars gathered into this light all the broken hearts this light all the hurting fades away...all the wounds are tended to in this pure place of just have to know you are there for the healing to have to feel the grace of the light and let love repair the broken i throw bricks of pain into the ocean of my i smile as i whisper your name...

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