Monday, March 5, 2012

headline hurts my heart

i had to take a moment in my busy day and just sit and pray...i logged on to my computer and a headline hit me..."grandmother mourns the loss of her entire family"...and in the corner was the picture of a sweet childs face...i couldnt read the article...i couldnt bare touches me but i cant know the details...i dont need to...i know she must be suffering must have hit her heart so hard...i have felt great loss and yet to have a whole family gone in an instant must be such a soul crushing i stopped and prayed for her...that she endures and finds peace...i could not think of what else to pray for...i just want her to feel loved in a time when it must be so very painful...

here is a lesson for the rest of us...the lesson i learned and live with every never never know your last hour and you never know the last hour of those you love yourself and love them with an open heart...never put off giving love or showing love...never put off sharing your life with others and letting them in...i sometimes feel like running away and hiding when i hurt yet i love my family and friends and how unfair it is to take love be selfish and climb into my own i endure and reach out...and love...

may this grandmother and all those with her who are suffering feel the flow of love and the peace it brings...bless her and all of us through this day...i love everyone madly and with all my heart ♥☮

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