Wednesday, January 16, 2013

moonchild is back!

oh my gosh i was so amazed to move a stack of works in progress and find my moonchild painting!...i thought i had sold her!!!....and i couldnt remember who i sold her to...but here she is keeping me company tonight...awesome!

i painted her on a really really good day full of hope and sunshine many years ago now...a day when i thought my relationship would go on and all my dreams were gonna come true...i remember painting the tiny white boat at the bottom and the water dragon swimming up to it...i painted that part when my heart was drumming wildly in my chest...and all the colors and faces and shapes lifted up from the waves...the moon energy rising up in me...and even though the dreams never walked into reality and the relationship shape shifted into a loving friendship...
i still can sit with this painting and feel the slow waves of happiness wash over me...cleansing me as if i am standing in the ganges with all those pilgrims...seeking to be made clean of all my wrongful and hurtful actions...forgiven...renewed...purified...
i am so delighted i still have this special painting...what a wonderful evening it is becoming!  

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