Sunday, September 11, 2011

Stepping Into the Flow

I believe in more than I can see.
I believe in more than my mind can accept.
Days move and nights climb in.
The seasons change the landscape,
But you are always there.
You are the unseen bird singing in the branches,
A leap of fire from a pile of brush,
The scurry of a mouse finding a nest for the winter,
A wave draping her body over a smooth rock.
You are there now and in the whispered always.
Part mystery, part mischief.

In the higher self,
Where Creator of All greets us,
There is a stream of Love--
Ever flowing…
Sending us comfort.

With our souls
We bridge the world of body and Spirit.

It is on this bridge I meet you
And walk along,
Souls dancing in the Light.

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