Monday, September 19, 2011

A Shapeshifter's Journey

I run out into the rolling river of wind--

My arms spread wide, my eagle wings becoming.

Devil-swirls dance leaves below me as I lift myself up.

I laugh with the lust of being in this raw-fisted weather--

I am one of the wild-eyed creatures. I set myself free.

(Are you tucked in your quiet burrow?

Come out with me and roar through sky!)

I forget the cold, I forget the rain slapping hard.

From a cave in the deepest part of my soul,

An ancient and powerful cry crashes out of me.

The calm of  dark water is below me.  

My wings shift as I land on a smooth-faced lake.

I become a white swan and feel the slowness of this body.

With longing I make my way across to the other side and to my mate.

Stars hum a gentle song, my heart beats softer, i see you waiting. I am home.


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