Monday, September 12, 2011

Allowing Love to Cross the Bridge

I remember this quick exchange my uncle and aunt had one day long ago. He had staggered in from a binge. He was very pissed off and snarling at her. My uncle would get very down and would say he needed to find him a church and get born again. My aunt never encouraged anyone to get religion. She had been forced into it as a child and said it nearly ruined her happiness.

Well, this one time he just exploded, shouting, "IS THERE A GOD?" His whole body shook with the ache of the question. And just as quickly, she fired back, "You stupid son of a bitch! YES, there is a God…look out the damn door and see for yourself!"

I feel so lucky to have had my consciousness evolving the way it has for all these years…with laughter at times and wise, close moments of sorrow at other times. I find when I am faced with even the most difficult situations, I manage to see the creator of all in everything that is happening. I see the temporariness of whatever I am going through. Always ready to find the lesson, the laughter, the transcending beauty and the love...even in the most painful events.

God, to me, is a source of infinite love--a pure, loving energy coming from the wellspring of the unseen…through the spirit flow we all are in.

The pure love enters into our human realm using the soul. The soul, to me, is a bridge from spirit to human…this is where pure love tries to make it to our human part. But as it crosses over it gets fragmented and distorted by the debri within us...what we hold onto...fears, self-abuse, others' soul parts, wrongs we think have been done to us and then finally the last destructive forces of ego. By the time it makes its way through us, love is so polluted and distorted it doesn't nurture others and it fails to expand the love light of our human realm. Soul energy is blocked off, struggles increase, suffering overwhelms us...all of us...we all being one in this big soup of molecules/energy.

I needed to understand how to receive pure love all the way, to give love out and to accept love from others. I needed to rid myself of the debri within me…to be conscious of not allowing more to replace it. I'm actually finding this easier and easier to do. Just like you brush your teeth or prepare your meals, you can find time to clear yourself of debri…negative energy patterns, other people's pollution, whatever feels unhealthy to your soul. Keeping your soul's flow healthy is just as important as keeping your body well. In fact, a healthy soul promotes a healthy body.

Now, I am very aware to not help others extend their soul parts to me. When you take someone's soul parts or you give yours away, you are damaging the ability to receive and give love.

I am getting the deeper meaning of love now. It isn't this surface thing that fades. Love is Spirit…in the purest, boundless sense. And when you love…when you truly and most purely love, honesty and nobility of actions are inspiring. Peace fills every breath. Joy is the dance of Life. Happiness lingers longer. Sorrow is eased from you. And passion dwells in the fearless Heart of a loving person. You open up. You move forward towards even what seems fearful. 

Love creates the ability for you to understand who you really are…a boundless being of light and grand purpose.

I have worth beyond measure and a mission to expand Love.I feel the honor and full grace of Life.  I feel dazzled by the immense beauty of it all. I am so very blessed. I am allowing Love to cross the bridge.

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