Thursday, September 8, 2011

soul shining...

i died to the old me this morning
it was the most freedom I have ever felt
shooting my soul from my eye...flying towards perfection

above the highest mountains
i floated along the currents of thin air
letting go of each memory of suffering
and for every wrongness fully forgave myself

i held on to nothing but the love i have had
for those i have loved as best as i could
and felt the love they have sent me
completely received at last

the golden thread which held me to my body
grew tighter and was nearly ready to snap
when a soft feeling of my deepest love
stopped me from moving further away

i turned and went back to my still body
feeling perfection one last time...accepting this fate
i simply know i can not be where you are not

the soul nesting once again
i wrap myself in love's gentle cloak
and set my eyes on the rising of this day

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