Monday, December 17, 2012


the things you forget until you remember again...

came across this picture tonight
cut me to the bone tonight
leaping back in memories tonight

she must have looked the word up
tried to impress me with the message
written on her arm...dohiyi...peace
and i chant it to myself
as the hours crawl by
the pain in my belly exploding
and i will keep her in my head
a laugh...a smile...her sorrow
the cancer...the treatments...the surgery
the hard to swallow days...
the hair falling out as i combed it for her
tucking some in my pocket so she wouldnt see
the meals i made she couldnt eat
the walks we took to her favorite trees
a pair of hawks cirlcing the pond
the tears she hid from me
the tears i hid from her
the words we didnt say
never the word goodbye
and here i am
and she is everywhere
in the highest redwoods
the tallest mountain's peak
she missed out on climbing mount everest
or spot a moose posing on foggy maine morning
time was running out like fast hands on a clock face
but the word on her arm
stands out for me
to read and smile and give thanks
for the breath in my lungs
for my eyes to see the stars
for my hearts drumming

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