Monday, November 21, 2011

a shell of one's own

some days i wake up feeling like i just need a shell over protect me and to hide if i show so much of myself and who i am is too far out there for people to relate to...this morning is like that...i am tired and need to do so much and yet all i want to do is curl up in some safe nest and just be with my footing and walk out into it all again...but there is no time for this...instead i will take a few minutes and say my prayers, meditate on loving kindness and then take on my to do is a grey monday with the sun so far away...the crows and seagulls are loud this is cold here and my feet keep telling me this...i feel tender towards myself and will hug myself often today...encourage myself...let this little human know in her is a great spirit of love and all is well...all is as it should be...i am grateful to know this...i will continue to place my trust in the knowing...and i will love myself and others better...may we all have abundant peace today and feel the infinite flow of love...

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