Friday, November 11, 2011

Loving Words to My Sisters

The flower ruffles and curves...dips into velvet pockets of scented pleasure. My nose inches in... touching the softness of Nature's Soul. I am in the Feminine World.

Here in the lush green and vibrant colors of this womanly place, the Mother takes me and nurtures me. She fills me with rest...baptizes my being with calming thoughts. I walk with her. She reveals to me my essence. I feel the expansion. There is the matrix of my consciousness, the power of my rational mind, the strength of my body, the endless possibilities of Life. There is the glorious, boundless flow of Spirit…every cell in my form a creature of aliveness, every acre of my soul fertile, all of the Universe streaming through my being. I am all the way alive.

The Mother teaches me that fear is a parasite which devours Hope. It weakens Love. It defeats Life. I have choices to make…a path to clear…a way of Life to live. She gives me my heritage. I am of her clan. We women are all of the same clan...learning to live fearless again, learning to reclaim our world. Embracing our ways again...enslaved by no other sister's twisted thoughts...opening to our sisters who are their to empower each other. Free within ourselves, transforming this planet...bringing back The Mother who dwells in all of us.

And do you hear her? She tells me to cook with love, grow food empowered for well being, walk gently but firmly through my day, sing my prayers, be in nature often, lift my eyes to the sky for signs, breath deeply and sigh, greet all with kindness, be aware of messages animals bring...track the prints left to see where they will take me, open up my heart and shine the compassion brightly, love well and without the fear of being seen as less than, take action when needed but with the wise guidance of Spirit, know my worth and conduct myself with the dignity this great Self worth deserves, be honest, do not hide genuine and true to the core values we all share...and above all else know that I am loved madly and deeply and adoringly by my Creator...

And in my heart this morning know I love all my sisters in all the different expressions of your Divine Self. I love how you reach for the better parts of yourself and offer them up. I love you through your fears as you approach them. I love you as you stumble and get back up more determined. I love you as you learn to ask for help when the burdens of your day becomes too heavy. I love your laughter and your wit in the face of what should lack humor and joy. I love your kindness in even the smallest of gestures...such as a hand placed gently on my arm as you speak. I love your dance of smiles and the cadence of your wise words. I love your passion to get to the truth and use your voice to speak yours. I love your integrity. I love your honestly. I love your grace and vulnerability in the face of illness. I love the strength of your shoulders as you deal with hardship. I love your deep, full well of compassion as it flows out to a world of suffering. I love your words of good cheer and your words of sorrow shared. I love your presence on this planet. I love knowing you. I love even the hint of you along the edges of my day. I simply and yet profoundly love you.

And to those sisters who struggle in their blinding pain of suffering and are twisting away from their true nature...I offer up my prayers of healing and hope for you...a rebirth, a self forgiveness, a recovery and renewal of Spirit. I love you.

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