Friday, November 18, 2011


i think i became an adult the first time i bought toilet paper for myself...yep that was the marker...and this was also the year the boss chewed me out for a screw up and maybe this was when i started caring what people thought of my "job performance" and my "life performance"...when life began to suck and not in a good way...working long hours and go go go...sour grape relationships shrivelling on the vine...did you hear that!?...that deep voice of authority? an adult and act accordingly"...meaning step into the rat race we call the mainstream and be a good worker drone...but then the older and wiser me is saying no way girl...dont listen to the sour grapers and bossy monkeys...why did you ever give a rats arse what any of them thought...where did it get you?...are these people in your life

so i gave myself an awesome freakin present today...i am done buying toilet paper...well figuratively...though if i asked for toilet paper for the holiday gift giving maybe my stocking would be stuffed full and i could shop for it much here is the thing...i am a grown up but outside the box...i may not please you but i rock my own may not get me but i dig me...shake a finger at me and i may just pull it...then you will have to deliver on your sh*# talk...oh and you know with the whole job/life performance thingy...i got it going on where it counts and that is a whole other kind of no worries sour grapers...i will leave you me...i am a whole different fruit growing succulent in the sun...

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