Sunday, April 1, 2012


jasmine blooming
in my heart
crowding out the fear
i was addicted to

i realized the small flowers in my healing journey the other day were jasmine blossoms...i let this sink in today..the scent came rushing back...then the memory of jasmine when it first came into my life...a small bouquet held out to me on a warm spring day...their reappearance...their company in my apartment when it was hard to adjust to the a quiet night alone there struggling...the scent pulled me to the flowers and i simply sat with them...looking at the dance of the vines...the reaching up of the green...towards the window's promise of light...yet only seeing the prayer flags hanging before them and the darkness of night beyond...

jasmine flowers in my of love...telling me love is ever pure and perfect and always growing towards me...i am the sun of the flowers of loving thoughts...


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