Sunday, April 22, 2012

My Dark Storm

Night comes in the screams of a reckless wind--

Gasping over the land, shouting at my door, calling my soul out.

The reeds lining the cove groan and snatch at the air.

Like lashing sails, the waves tear free and smash against the rocks.

The wind tosses a broken bird caught in the cold breath of darkness.

Its body collapses--a feather breaks free to finish the journey home.

No light--only the emptiness of God and the righteous army of angels.

No light--nor does it seem there will ever be a sun again.

My mind frames the memory of my great-granny standing in a storm--

Swallowing the wind, eyes filled with rain water, laughing at the sky.

I will endure my storm. I will stand in my wildness. I will survive this night.

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