Monday, March 11, 2013

good night kiss

i went back over the years tonight
as if i were stepping quickly
into the footprints the tide was erasing
i was retracing the places in my heart
unwilling to let them become faint
taking the memories back
writing them down
under my skin
on my tongue
in my ears
along my thighs
the memory of you standing in the river
water rushing around you
you stood like a warrior
legs apart and hands on hips
your back to the current
you were strong and wild that day
other memories i retrace
etching them deeper
into my skin
each one precious
each one filling me with joy
i will live on these if i must
in the quiet folds of nights heavy hours
i will reach up my hand towards the candlelight
look in my palm and there will be written
all the times you held my hand as we slept
i kiss this hand as if it is yours
 and say thank you
    thank you    
i love you
good night

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