Wednesday, December 21, 2011

this sacred time of year

within the second day of hanukkah, in the day before winter solstice, approaching christmas, in the season of peace...i wish all of you a most beautiful and loving time...forget the hustle and the hassle...forget the shopping and the to do list...take a moment...with a cup of coffee or a quiet place...let your shoulders relax...sigh it all out...close your eyes and breath in and out deeply...sip your warm drink and have these peaceful moments to truly reflect on your abundance, your blessings and feel the love i send to is there within reach and it is the best gift i know to give...may it bring you a happy smile and alittle more energy to step back into the must do things with a better way to deal...which is to simply be and smile and watch the crazytown mad dash rather than be in it...but if you have to be in it be safe...much love and light to all...

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