Friday, December 2, 2011

morning journey

great journey this morning...i was surrounded by feathers and the sounds of flight...taken to the upper world...was at the mouth of a cave in the himalayan new guide...a tibetan oracle...was there and sitting on a small stool...there was no sound in this place...i was all the way awakened and filled with deep compassion...i came to the oracle and sat at his/her lifted a hand and gave me a symbol for endurance...for use in the harnessing of my body's wellness energy to channel into productivity, creativity and the stamina to achieve what i will call upon myself to is exciting to be given this refocus to my life...i feel like a puppy again this morning...very in wonder of each new moment...full of love and mischief here i go into this new day...sun shining inside of me and outside the door...happy day... 

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